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              About Us
              About Huaxin
              Company Organization Chart

              Brand Culture

              The abbreviation of "HXME" indicates the company's future development direction, and builds a Chinese brand to the international market. HXME's philosophy is to continuously update products, continuously innovate technology, and continue to expand market, aims to becoming a Chinese famous brand and going international.

              Company Objective

              Leading supplier for overall solution of material handling system.

              Company Tenet

              First-class product and First-class service.

              Quality Management Principle

              Safe, risk-free, and zero defect in product quality;

              Innovate and upgrade to achieve high-quality development.

              Company Slogan

              Unity, Efficiency, Innovation and Double-Win.

              Company Core Value

              Co-prosperity and Co-existence

              Hangzhou Huaxin Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd (HXME)
              Address: No. 315 Jinpeng Road, Sandun, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China
              Email: huaxin@huaxinhz.com
              Public Service: +86-571-28257193
              Sales Service: +86-571-28257951
              After-Sales Service: +86-571-28257271
              Fax: +86-571-89905117
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