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              About Huaxin
              About Us
              About Huaxin


              Company's Birth Time
              Year 1993


              Registered Capital
              Registered capital of CNY Million 201 Yuan


              Exporting Countries
              Market covers many countries all over the world


              Holding Companies
              5 holding companies

              The predecessor of HXME is the auxiliary equipment office of Hangzhou Mechanical Design Institute. The establishment of HXME was to meet the needs of the market economy and the country's reform direction of the Applied Technology Institute. HXME takes scientific research and development and product design as the forerunner, organizes manufacturing, supply and installation, commissioning, maintenance, transformation and upgrading service, and provides clients with a full range of one-stop services. 

              HXME's main technical force is concentrated on the research and development of special equipment such as QDW series of new bridge cranes, ZQX series of four-drum traction ship unloaders to meet the different needs of various users. Its main products are a large range of hoisting equipment and operation system such as port machinery equipment (ship unloaders, ship loaders, container cranes, portal cranes, rail-mounted gantry cranes in stockyard, etc.), power plants and general purpose bridges cranes, gantry cranes, nuclear power equipment, environmental protection equipment, automation control equipment, intelligent system, safety monitoring system.

              Its main after-sales service items include overhauling service, upgrading service, maintenance, and spare parts supply etc. Its market involves thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, pumped storage, gas, shipyards, steel factories, transformer factories and other industrial production plants and ports, terminals and garbage treatment factories. 

              Its products are not only distributed in domestic market, but also exported to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Serbia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and other Asian countries, as well as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Guinea and other African countries, and Brazil , Venezuela, Ecuador and other South American countries, the market spreads all over the world.

              HXME has four wholly-owned subsidiaries (Zhejiang Haizhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Haiyan Manufacturing Base), Wuxi Guodian Huaxin Hositing and Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Manufacturing Base), Hangzhou Huaxin Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. Yuhang Branch (Hangzhou Manufacturing Base) and Hangzhou Huaxin Technology Co., Ltd., as well as invest and control Zhejiang Tianxin Intelligent Research Institute Co., Ltd.

              HXME's headquarters consists of eight departments including marketing department, product technology center, production department, after-sale service department, quality assurance department, finance department, administration department/CPC work department, as well as a new technology R&D center, three manufacturing bases and a professional installation team.

              Overall Solution

              General Design

              Process Construction

              Product Manufacturing


              Packing and Delivery

              Installation & Commissioning 

              Acceptance & Operation 

              Intelligent System

              Remote Monitoring 

              Upgrading of Electrical Control

              Transformation of Mechanical Part 

              Spart Parts Supply

              Technical Support

              Hangzhou Huaxin Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., the predecessor of HXME, was separated from the crane auxiliary machinery office of Hangzhou Machinery Design Institute of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry and established in year 1993.
              HXME was officially established in year 2000, and was later affiliated to China Huadian Electric Power Research Institute in year 2002.

              Wuxi Guodian Huaxin Hoisting and Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Huaxin Technology Co., Ltd were established in year 2002. 

              Zhejiang Haizhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd was established in year 2010.


              HXME was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Zhuzhou Tianqiao Crane Co., Ltd in year 2015. (stock code: 002523)

              Zhejiang Tianxin Intelligent Research Institute Co., Ltd was established in year 2018.

              Hangzhou Huaxin Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd (HXME)
              Address: No. 315 Jinpeng Road, Sandun, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China
              Email: huaxin@huaxinhz.com
              Public Service: +86-571-28257193
              Sales Service: +86-571-28257951
              After-Sales Service: +86-571-28257271
              Fax: +86-571-89905117
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