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What to look for in the next alpha patch

Many thanks to all the people that have given feedback on the initial alpha version for Canyon of Desolation.

We know it’s still rough and there’s a lot of work left .. but we also know we can’t do it without your help.

We do listen to what you have to say and are planning on including some of your suggestions in the next update. But before I give a glimpse of what that’s going to be, I’d like to congratulate Akonmakon for having the current high score of 361!

Of those scores posted on the forum for build 1487, here’s how they stand …
Akonmakon … 361
Citrine … 353
Valgrif … 349
Llarlen … 347

Nice job guys!
Let’s see if someone can beat those :)

OK .. I said I was going to give you a glimpse of what’s being worked on for the next update of the alpha, so that’s what I’m gonna do :)

Along with some back end stuff, Llarlen and Fish are coding furiously to try to get the following things done for the next alpha patch …

  • A second tower type
  • Ability to dismiss towers
  • A mini-map
  • Tower range indicator
  • Tower targeting options

All exciting stuff .. I know I’m excited :)

Keep watching here to find out when the next patch is ready and thanks again for your help!

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