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What to look for in CoD Alpha patch 3

Hi guys .. just a quick post to give you an idea of some of the things that we’re trying to get done for the next alpha patch for Canyon of Desolation.

This upcoming patch will be a mixed bag of internal engine stuff, bug fixes, and minor tweaks…

  • We changed the numbers on the second tower to hopefully make it worth using.
  • The targeting options should now be fixed (it got confused when you placed a tower with invaders in its range)
  • You’ll be able to toggle on all the range indicators for placed towers. This should give you a better idea of coverage.
  • The Rate of Fire number has been changed from ‘seconds/shot’ to ‘shots/minute’. This should make it easier to tell which tower shoots faster (higher is better).
  • The ESC key should now close the mini map as well as the info boxes.
  • Plus a couple of cosmetic things .. like the background color of icons in the info boxes.

The patch is scheduled for release next week and will have the full list.

Keep that feedback coming! :)

If you haven’t already .. you can download CoD here. You’ll need to register to download, but that also gives you access to the private Alpha forum to discuss things.

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  1. BlightDribble's Gravatar BlightDribble
    July 25, 2010    

    I’ve been playin CoD now a little and ventured toward testin not playin so much =). I havent found alot o bugs did have a few ideas though. Sum coexist with a post by Citrine. I coudn’t tell and am not sure when those concepts will be implemented live in-game.
    A few thoughts i had were:
    *Distance Modifiers
    *Ability/skill to send out ground troops from a tower; maybe the concept adfapted into a single style tower itself
    *Koraz favor points should increase as level increases( It may now i only got to level 20)
    *Possibly making the second tower tweeked and add an Aoe ability/skill (80 seemed expensive hence the idea of the point increase.
    *Giving a player the idea of a start point and exit point… ie.. sum towers, trees, sign. Or the option of random spawn points could give the player an additional level of difficulty
    *Will a player be able to see individual shots/min per tower or overall average maybe?. idk this was a weird idea i had thought id chuck it out there =)

    So i’ll keep posted ad let ya know of bugs n fixes n such as i get better and more involved. Till l8er Good Work to all =)

    HIGH SCORE 333

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