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Tower Upgrades ~ Revised

Remember the last post I made about upgrading towers in Canyon of Desolation?
This is the post I’m referring to … Tower Upgrades in CoD

Oh, you do remember? Well, I changed things :)

The new system isn’t drastically different, but it is a more streamlined system that will allow players more control over their towers.

The best comparison I can come up with is the gem and socket system some other games use. Where an item can have several sockets that can be filled with various gems that do different things to enhance the item.

In our case, the towers are the items, the upgrade slots are the sockets, and the upgrades are the gems.

Following me so far? good :)

All towers will have 4 upgrade slots – Damage, Range, Fire Rate, and Special.
Each slot can only fit one upgrade at a time. You’ll need to swap out one for another.

Upgrades can be of two variations … straight bonus (+5% damage) or bonus with an offset (+50% damage, -20% range) The more powerful upgrades will have an offset.

Damage, Range, and Fire Rate upgrades can be used in any tower, while Special upgrades will be restricted by tower type and are used to enhance the towers’ focus. For example … a javlineer special upgrade can only be used with a javlineer tower.

All upgrades will need to be paid for with Koraz Favor. (You gain KF by killing invaders.)

You’ll get full KF credit for the current upgrade when replacing it with another. This also means that you can increase your available KF by downgrading a slot (replacing a high cost upgrade with a low cost one)

There will be a number of basic upgrades that are always available for purchase and use.
New and more powerful upgrades will need to be unlocked by completing achievements.

Potential achievements can be based on raw score, killing a number of invaders in a set amount of time, killing a specific invading hero, or possibly completing a map. And let’s not rule out random gifts by Koraz. :)

This system has a lot more potential for customization and specialization. Plus it’s easy to extend it by introducing new upgrades. We can even give out unique upgrades as special rewards and events.

So what are your thoughts?

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