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Tower Upgrades in CoD

We’ve described Canyon of Desolation as a 3D Tower Defense (3DTD) game with RPG elements.

One of those elements will be the upgrades to towers. We’re looking to give the player more freedom in how they upgrade the towers then is typically done in TD games.

But before I go into that, just a quick progress update….

We’re still getting things done, but we’ve hit a little delay. This forced us to push back the release of the alpha version a little. The new target date is the end of May. This gives us roughly 3 weeks. Let’s hope there are no more delays. :)

Most TD games typically only have a few upgrades per tower and don’t give you much choice when selecting them.

We’d like to be a little more free form and flexible with the tower upgrades in CoD, and the way we’re thinking of doing that is to break out each attribute that can be upgraded and let you pick which one and how far to upgrade it.

Instead of buying an upgrade that adds +X to damage, +Y to distance, and +Z to fire rate .. in CoD each of those will be independent of the others, with their own progression. This will give you the freedom to upgrade just what you want and when.

And to make things a little more interesting, the last few upgrades in each attribute will be mutually exclusive from the other attributes. So you’ll have to plan a little on which attribute you want to upgrade to the highest level. This allows you to specialize your maxed out towers to fit specific needs.

In addition to the standard attributes to upgrade, you’ll also be able to buy and upgrade special abilities unique to each tower type.

So what do you think?

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CoD is such an addictive game for just an alpha
~~ Shinky


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