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I’ve been putting off writing this post for awhile now. I’ve been hoping something would change and I wouldn’t have to write it at all. But time keeps moving on and things haven’t changed, so I think it’s time to write this.

As anyone who follows the ramblings that come out of FPG knows, we’ve been without an in-house artist for awhile now .. several months actually. And it doesn’t look like we’re going to find one soon.

Without an in-house artist, we’re left with having to pay someone up front to work on the art for CoD. Which wouldn’t be that bad if we had the money, but we don’t, not at this time. And there’s a lot of art that’s needed .. 2d sprites, 3d characters and animations, 3d environment models, GUI elements, and more I’m probably forgetting.

Which brings us to what I was trying to avoid writing …

Work on Canyon of Desolation has been postponed indefinitely.

It’s not totally dead, but until we either get the money to pay for an artist, or find one willing to work for future compensation, we just can’t finish this project.

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