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New Background Story

While we’re waiting for the next patch to come out (which due to reasons beyond our control is still at least a week away, probably two), I thought I’d share the new background story for Canyon of Desolation.

It’s a bit different than what we had originally and it wasn’t entirely prompted by creative reasons, but I think it’s a much better story and opens up greater opportunities for expansions as well as it meshing much tighter with the lore of Nightside.

So read on and let us know what you think …

No one knows the true origins of the Dragons of Chaos. Some say they were a group of sorcerers twisted and transformed by the Shadow’s power, while others believe that they are truly ancient, inhabiting Nightside even before the fall of Koraz. One thing is for certain, the animosity between the Dragons of Chaos and the Shadow goes back centuries.

But it wasn’t always this way between them, these powerful shape shifting casters were once allied with Koraz as far back as the First Shadow War. And in the Second Shadow War, they held positions of high rank and power in The Shadow’s forces. They were instrumental, both in planning and execution, in several victories early in the Second Shadow War. But as the tides of battle turned, so did the favor of Koraz, and the once honored quickly became the target of The Shadow’s rage.

Koraz wanted the Dragons of Chaos destroyed and launched unsuccessful attack after unsuccessful attack on them in their home in the Valley of Do’vir (so named for Do’vir the Dreamer who made the valley his home previously). This once beautiful valley became a battle torn wasteland and is now know as the Canyon of Desolation.

As the years turned to decades and the decades to centuries, the attacks on the Dragons of Chaos became fewer and less often. But The Shadow never forgets and never forgives.

Not long after The Shadow’s victory at Ressel near the end of the last Shadow War, the Circle of Night launched another attack on the Dragons of Chaos. Taken by surprise, the Dragons of Chaos were finally defeated. Many died that day, but enough were able to escape and have been planning all these years to regain their home.

This is where you come in – you are the leader of The Shadow’s forces in the Canyon of Desolation stronghold. You just received word from your scouts that the Dragons of Chaos are back and they’re not alone.

Early reports indicate that the bulk of this invading army is made up of undead, probably raised from the troops that died in this very canyon. This isn’t going to be an easy battle but you do have one thing in your favor – the invaders will have to follow the winding canyon floor to reach the stronghold. You should be able to slow them down and thin out their numbers with small groups of carefully placed units.

As you go over your plans, one thought keeps popping up in the back of your mind – there are worse things than death if Koraz is displeased.


  1. Wallaby's Gravatar Wallaby
    October 15, 2010    

    Nicely tied in with SoN, Citrine! I Like it.
    It doesn’t quite fit with the “Features” page that says:
    “Help the fallen god Koraz and his Circle of Night defend a key outpost from the invading forces of good.”
    but thats easy to fix.

    • October 15, 2010    

      Opps .. I need to fix that .. that was the original premise.
      and thanks :)

  2. August 22, 2010    

    @freewaydog … In Nightside, Koraz is evil, beyond evil, there is no good in him at all, he’s what evil people aspire to. And while there will be lines drawn with good on one side and evil on the other, no one else is monochrome like Koraz. Everyone else will be made up of differing shades of gray. Some may approach pure black and some pure white, but all will have shades.

    In CoD, the player is aligned with The Shadow on the “evil” side. And while the Dragons of Chaos have been battling The Shadow for ages, they have their own agenda and are far from “good”.

    @Akonmakon … Thanks :) I like TD games too. Nightside has so much potential as a setting, that it would be a shame not to explore it fully. We hope to have several other types of games that all tie into Nightside, with each acting as a separate window into Nightside’s history and lore.

    • freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
      August 22, 2010    

      Thanks for the explanation, Citrine. I hope to see how this pans out.

  3. Akonmakon's Gravatar Akonmakon
    August 22, 2010    

    To be fair, I simply like tower defense games because of how much fun they are.

    However, I rather like how you guys tied it into SoN.

    Pretty Friggin Sweet if I do say so myself.

    And freeway, it seems that you are working for Koraz, so the makes you the greater of the 2 evils.
    But thats just my thought on the matter ;)

  4. freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
    August 21, 2010    

    I just like the “good & bad” alignments. Are you telling me it will NOT be good & bad?

  5. freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
    August 21, 2010    

    So which side is “bad” & which side is “good”? Or are there sadly no alignments?

    • August 21, 2010    

      To misquote Forrest Gump … “Evil is as Evil does” … :)

      And why is it sad if there are no black and white, predefined alignments?

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Pretty Friggin Sweet if I do say so myself.
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