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Heroes ~ the Bad and the Good

I talked last time about the units in CoD that a player will be able to place around the canyon. This time I want to talk a little about one of the RPG elements that we hope will make Canyon of Desolation a fun and memorable game … Heroes.

In a nutshell, heroes (both player controlled defending heroes and computer controlled invading heroes) are enhanced units; stronger, tougher, and better equipped than your run of the mill cannon fodder. Plus defending heroes would gain experience that can be used to level up and gain more powers.

Read on for more …

Invading Heroes

Invading heroes will have the same objective as other invading units .. to make it from the entrance to the exit without being killed.

But they’re much more than normal units, think of them more like mini-bosses. They’ll have more health and take less damage from normal defenders. There will be a limited number of them on any map and they’ll be spread out among the other waves of invaders.

While it will be possible to kill an invading hero with normal towers, it will be extremely difficult. The only true defense against them would be defending heroes.

Defending Heroes

I like to think of defending heroes as special attacks. Launching them when you feel they’ll do the most good. This will usually be against an invading hero, but may also be when you need to clear some units from a tough wave to gain enough points to upgrade a tower.

You’ll build your stable of heroes during campaign play and be able to pick which heroes to bring with you when you start a map. Those heroes that see combat will gain exp. Just by picking them for a map, they’ll gain a small amount. But the big gains in exp will be from actually killing invaders.

Once given the order to engage, the defending hero will work her way through the canyon in the opposite direction as the invaders (moving from exit to entrance), engaging and battling any invaders they come across. Immediately seeing the greater threat of an invading hero, the defending hero will break off combat with normal invaders and attack the hero. They will fight until defeated or until they make it to the end of the canyon.

Leveling up

That all sounds good, but what do you do with all that exp your heroes accumulate?

I’m glad you asked :)

In between maps you’ll be given the opportunity to manage your heroes; dismiss the ones you no longer find useful, swap out equipment, and (more important to this discussion) spend their exp to level them up.

With each new level a hero gains, certain stats and abilities will increase. In addition to things like health, attack, and defense … on certain levels, there will be the choice of gaining a new special ability or enhancing an existing special ability. These special abilities can be things like; a burst of extra damage, a whirlwind attack that damages surrounding units, a snare spell, or a fire attack. Each hero will have a different set of special abilities available to her.

There’s more?

Of course there is :)
You’ll also be able to equip heroes with powerful artifacts.
But we’ll save that for a future post :)

We’re hoping all these elements will come together to form a truly unique and fun gaming experience.

So what do you think?

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