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Defending Units Preview

Defending Units (aka towers)

I’ve mentioned that Canyon of Desolation won’t be your typical tower defense type game. One of the differences is that in CoD you don’t really build “towers” (at least not in the literal sense) .. instead you’ll be placing character units to defend the canyon from those pesky goody-goody invaders.

Granted, this is pretty much a cosmetic difference … we even refer to them as towers as their function is basically the same; to shoot and kill the march of the invaders .. but combine the character units with the ability to place and move them anywhere on the grid-less canyon walls, and you can experience a strategic level to game play you can’t find in other typical TD games.

Also each type of defending unit will be specialized, increasing the tactical and strategic elements of game play. The types and specialties are listed below.

Defending units and their specialties

  • Dark Orb – enhances other defending units within its range
  • Dragon Spitter – targets an area (instead of individual invaders), damaging all in the blast radius.
  • Goblin Fire Bomber – specializes in doing fire splash damage
  • Goblin Poisoner – specializes in poison DoT and full dam to heroes
  • Grakl Javliner – specializes in critical hits
  • Grakl Rock Tosser – specializes in heavy damage
  • Human Longbow – specializes in range and multiple targets
  • Mesmerizer – specializes in stunning invading units
  • Shrieker – specializes in sonic wave attacks
  • Swarm Lord – specializes in slowing the invaders

There you go .. a quick preview of the planned defending units in Canyon of Desolation.

I was hoping to include some concept art to go along with the list, but we find ourselves short on people with graphical talent willing to work for what we can afford to pay (read: recognition, experience, and future consideration :) ). So if you know anyone with graphical talent (especially 3D modeling) that wants to help make some really cool and fun games, let us know. :)

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  1. freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
    July 25, 2010    

    I feel sad & frustrated that I cannot do anything w/ graphics & games on the computer!

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