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CoD Alpha version for Windows Released

Yup .. you read that right .. we’ve been saying it’s coming and now it’s here!

Well .. at least the Windows version is .. it’s going to be another day or two before the OSX version is ready.

The invitation email went out this afternoon to all those people that have been with us and registered on our forums. If you’re not one of those lucky few but would like to get on the list for future opportunities, leave a comment below, post on the forum, or send us an email. ((we’re pretty easy to get in touch with :) ))

And keep watching this space for more exciting news .. like when the OSX alpha version is ready :)


  1. Akonmakon's Gravatar Akonmakon
    June 25, 2010    

    It won’t let me access the Mac installer…

  2. Sharpy's Gravatar Sharpy
    June 24, 2010    

    Pics for us poor maclings =D

    • June 24, 2010    

      Hey Sharpy, there aren’t any custom models yet. We’re using some generic ones for now, but I’ll see if we can get a screenie or two posted this weekend.

      Oh, and we may have and osx installer for intel ready by the weekend as well. The ppc installer is still giving us problems.

  3. Waynecm's Gravatar Waynecm
    June 24, 2010    

    Darn Now I can’t find the link to join the FPG chat :/

  4. Waynecm's Gravatar Waynecm
    June 24, 2010    

    :D fun fun! I can’t wait!!!

  5. freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
    June 24, 2010    

    Yay! I played it already! & I am looking for’d to SoN too!

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Neat :)
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