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CoD Alpha build 1673 released

The next alpha release for Canyon of Desolation is ready for you to download.

Not much in the way of game play changes this time around .. just a bunch of bug fixes and small enhancements. But we did add a way for you to save your view (camera location and direction) to hot keys. This should make it a lot easier to move around and check on your units.

It’s available on our download page. You’ll need to be a registered user here on this site to download it.

The Change Notes are below:

But before we get to that .. here’s the list of top scores from the previous build:

  1. Fish … Score: 338 … Kills: 229 … Time: 12m 0s
  2. Akonmakon … Score:307 … Kills:209 … Time:10m 38s
  3. Citrine … Score: 301 … Kills: 205 … Time: 14m 53s
  4. BlightDribble … Score: 281 … Kills: 192 … Time: 12m 29s

Remember, you can’t get on the list if you don’t post!! :)

New Features:

  • Added F5 – F8 Hot Keys for player defined position and view direction. (Use <SHIFT>F5 to set the position. Press F5 to jump to that location.)


  • Added Pop-up system notices.
  • Button bar changed to a Button Menu.
  • Added a Map and Help button to the Button Menu.
  • Added <CTRL>M to reset the view to North and position the player to the middle of the map.
  • Moved the Defender Order box to the new Defender Info Box.
  • Hovering the mouse over a buff card shows a preview of the defenders stats in green if the change is positive, red if the change is negative.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash when dismissing a defender.
  • <ESC> key behavior fixed.
  • Next Wave timer gives a hint about the approaching wave.
  • Fixed misc defender selection issues.
  • Fixed upgrading defenders while moving them.

Embrace The Shadow!

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CoD is such an addictive game for just an alpha
~~ Shinky


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