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CoD Alpha build 1645 released

Here we go .. the next alpha release for Canyon of Desolation is ready for you to download.

And only a couple of days late :)
Plus we once again have both Windows and OSX versions available.

It’s available on our download page. You’ll need to be a registered user here on this site to download it.

The Change Notes are below:

New Features:

  • Added local high score list – Now there’s a record of how well you do (or how badly :) ).
  • Added second invader type – this one is faster and worth more KF (check out the flames :) )


  • Show the change in range with the range circle when mouse-over a unit buff.
  • Replace in-game buttons in top right corner with slide out menu on the right.

Bug Fixes:

  • Card slider Reset – The card slider should reset back to the left when a new tower is selected.
  • Track on which level (high-level, CEGUI, listeners or low-level) the key or mouse button got pressed and release on the same level.
  • Fixed mouse cursor disappearing when double right-clicking an object.
  • Fixed high scores hotkey
  • Fixed high scores layout

And don’t forget … we still need you to put the buff upgrade system to the test!

As always, we’d like to thank you all for your interest, support, and participation … we couldn’t do this without you.

Embrace The Shadow!

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