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CoD Alpha build 1599 released (for Windows)

The next version of the Alpha of Canyon of Desolation is ready for you to download. It’s available on our download page. You’ll need to be a registered user here on this site to download it.

Two things to note … 1) Only the Windows version of the installer has been updated at this time, and 2) If you run into issues, try manually uninstalling CoD then reinstalling.

The Change Notes are below:

Here’s a list of the Bug Fixes:

  • crash when exiting with tower selected
  • total KF spent now adjusts for dismissed towers

Fish was also able to reduce memory consumed by the application. In this case, less memory is a good thing :)

Buffing Defending Units

The first iteration of the buffing system for defending units is in place (formerly known as upgrading towers). Please bang on this system and see if you can break it. :)

You’ll also notice that we’re using a percentage based system instead of using hard numbers. There are many pros and cons to this approach, so please let us know what you think about it.

High Score List:

Well .. this was scheduled for this patch, and we were really hoping to have it completed by now (which is why the delay) but extenuating circumstances have forced us to push it back to the next patch.

As always, we’d like to thank you all for your interest, support, and participation … we couldn’t do this without you.

Embrace The Shadow!

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