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CoD Alpha Build 1567 Released

This being a day late is becoming a habit :)

The next version of the Alpha of Canyon of Desolation is ready for you to download. It’s available on our download page. You’ll need to be a registered user here on this site to download it.

We’ve been experimenting with several apps to create installers for Windows systems. The current installer was build with a different app than previous versions. So you may want to manually uninstall CoD before installing the new version.

Keep reading for the change notes (in no particular order):

  • Added hotkey (N) to toggle all defending unit range indicators.
  • Changed indicator color from blue to yellow (when not enough KF to place a new tower)
  • ESC key closes minimap
  • Changed default view for mini map to center whole map
  • Icons in build box now only spin on hover and have a lighter BG color
  • Changed Rate of Fire to use “shots/minute” instead of “seconds/shot”
  • Changed default pause button to the space bar.
  • First/Last Defending Unit targeting now functions as expected.
  • Invading mobs now walk in a staggered line (instead of immediately behind the other)
  • Added terrain rendering method that should be compatible with more video cards
  • Defending Unit dismissal is now delayed by 4 seconds [Fish: but has a nice particle effect for your viewing pleasure]
  • Window resizing now functions as expected on Windows (window resizing doesn’t work on OSX)

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