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CoD Alpha Build 1522 Released

It’s a day late but it’s here – the next version of the Alpha of Canyon of Desolation. It’s available on our download page. You’ll need to be a registered user here on this site to download it.

Now that you know it’s here and where to get it .. let’s talk a little about what’s in it. :)

First off, for you OSX users, the OSX installer now supports PPC as well as Intel chips! (Thanks Llarlen!!)

Here’s a list of the other changes:

  • Added a minimap.
  • Added game pausing.
  • Added a second tower.
  • Dismiss and move towers
  • Added an indicator to show if the player lacks the KF to build a tower.
  • Added a menu to set tower targeting options.
  • It’s no longer possible to place a tower on top of another tower.
  • The mob box now gets properly updated with the mob’s health.
  • Opening options menu now pauses the game.
  • Better Input Settings Grouping
  • Inactive/Removed settings no longer show up in options gui.
  • Options gui and build menu got a shortcut.
  • Mouse button and modifier key combinations now get released properly, previously this would cause problems on OSX where a right click can be simulated with a mouse click in combination with a modifier key by default.
  • Key and modifier key combinations now get released properly as well, disregarding the order.
  • Changed the good/bad tower placement markers to approximately show the tower’s range.
  • Removed the animated good tower placement marker.
  • Options gui can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel if the mouse cursor is over the scrolled content and not on a settings modifier.
  • CoD should now run on OSX on ppc as well, please report any bugs you find, we can’t properly test it ourselves.
  • Other engine enhancements, only interesting for devs ;)

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  1. Akonmakon's Gravatar Akonmakon
    July 14, 2010    

    <3 I am so happy

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CoD is such an addictive game for just an alpha
~~ Shinky


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