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Campaign Play in CoD

Wow .. I can’t believe it’s been a month already since the last update.

But don’t let the lack of public info fool you … there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes here at the Flowerpot.

On to some Canyon of Desolation news …

We’re still close to schedule for alpha testing sometime next month … more about that once we figure it out. :)

Due to Life issues, we find ourselves looking for 3d modelers and artists willing to donate their talents. The timing of this unfortunately means that we’ll probably have to use stock models for the alpha and probably the beta. A minor set back, but not too bad.

We’ve brought in Skin of Words to work on the music and sound for CoD. We’re expecting good things from him. As soon as we have more in place, we’ll release a sample.

And while I’m writing (and to fill up some more space) I think I’ll talk a little about Campaign Play in CoD and what you can expect .. so read on…

If you’ve read anything else we’ve posted about Canyon of Desolation, you know it’s a 3D Tower Defense game with RPG elements. And if you don’t know what a TD game is, then I’ll point you to the wikipedia article on tower defense games … feel free to google it if that doesn’t help.

Campaign play

Like most TD Games, CoD will have several different maps that you get to place your towers on to kill the marching invaders. Each of these maps will have a number of waves of increasingly difficult invaders for you to wantonly slaughter.

The maps will be strung together to form the campaign to protect the canyon outpost from the forces of good. You’ll have to complete one map before being able to move on to the next. When between maps, you’ll be able to gain new heroes as well as upgrade and outfit those heroes already working for you. ((more on heroes in a future post))

Campaign Modes

Once the full campaign is won, you’ll unlock other modes that you can set to replay the campaign in.

  • Normal – available at the start (completing campaign in this mode unlocks all the following)
  • Limited Defenders – can only place X towers
  • Strong Invaders – All invaders have 2x hp
  • Fast Invaders – All invaders have 2x speed
  • Plentiful Invaders – 2x the normal number of invaders (in the same span of time)
  • Shadows Favor – 2x the starting KF for each map
  • Chosen of Koraz – 1.5x the KF per kill
  • Super Heroes – 2x the heroes’ abilities plus the ability to reuse them on a map

With the exception of Normal mode (which turns off all other modes), once the other modes are unlocked, you can select any and all of the modes when starting a new campaign.

Endless Play?

We’ve also talked about adding endless play .. where you pick a map and try to stop an infinite number of invaders and can upload your score to a leader board … but right now it’s unlikely that we’ll have enough time to get this in place for the initial release, so it’ll probably have to wait for an expansion.

Well .. that’s all I have for now.
Like I said at the start, we’re still hard at work on things here and I hope to have more regular updates as things progress.

How’s that sound to you? :)


  1. freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
    April 17, 2010    

    Sounds interesting. If I am not mistaking, I think one of the 2 minigames in Jade Dynasty was a TD game. The other was just a connect & match the item game.

    • April 20, 2010    

      Cool .. was it any good?

      We’re still debating if we’ll have CoD accessible from within SoN or keep it a separate entity.

  1. FPG News Update for April 2010 | Flowerpot Games on April 30, 2010 at 12:21 am

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CoD is such an addictive game for just an alpha
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