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Alpha Version Coming Soon

I’m soooo excited!!!!
((and I just can’t hide it))

Fish and Llarlen are putting the finishing touches on the Canyon of Desolation alpha version installer package .. for both windows and mac platforms (Sorry linux users we couldn’t get an installer for you ready in time :( )

Who’s gonna be able to play the alpha?
Well .. we’ll be sending out an invitation email in the next day or so to all those who have registered on our forums .. either the on the FPG site or here on the CoD site.

If you haven’t registered and would like to check out the alpha to help us with your feedback, there’s still time. Please register on the Canyon of Desolation forum now! http://www.canyonofdesolation.com/forum/
Then drop me an email or just post a comment here after you register and I’ll add you to the alpha group.

More news here as it develops :)

* goes back to dancing *

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  1. freewaydog's Gravatar freewaydog
    June 19, 2010    

    Oh, ok! Happy dancing!

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Neat :)
~~ Waynecm


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